With the backlash that drones have been facing overtime, it’s such a relief that experts now suggest that the future is closer than ever. Let’s be honest; those who think that the much-heralded drone revolution is not impressive as the “remote-controlled helicopters” have been in existence for years now should brace for the future.  Drones are evolving. Their camera resolution is becoming razor sharp; their ability to counter high winds and obstacles is improving enormously and they are even able to fly to a destination autonomously.


Today, most people are investing in drones as they are more capable, reliable and most of all, very convenient. Christian, a videographer and photographer has built a solid business based on drones. He first got excited about the gadgets after he saw an RC plane with an action camera strapped on it.


This gave him a new view of the world. Drones have enabled him to give his clients all-inclusive photography. Although the FAA has set some rules on regulations and passing flight proficiency tests, Christian understands that it is not illegal to fly or to make money. Some of his high-end drones e.g. DJI vision 2+, 3D Robotics and IRs flyers have in-built GPS systems that won’t allow the times to fly over sensitive government areas.

Drones may be in fact part of a lager new reality where they facilitate business and commerce. Don’t believe it? SF Express, China’s largest mail firm uses drones in their everyday package delivery. Known to deliver more than 1000 packages a day, the company has fleet of aircraft flying 500 parcels to remote areas in efforts to double their capacity. Usually, the goods are loaded on the aircraft then flown to different destinations.

The courier at the location prepares a good landing area when the drone arrives. The parcel is then scanned and the aircraft returns to the base automatically. The company has been delivering parcels with drones all over Southern and Eastern China. The use of these drones will result in quicker delivery times and will expand the reach of logistical companies.


Also, they use the drones in the hope to expand their services to remote villages, farms and mountain ranges. The aircraft can fly up to 16 minutes while carrying 1kg parcel/weight.

Almost of all consumers technology evolves along the principles of smaller, faster, lighter and more convenient. Facebook has shown its interest in embracing drones in order to beam internet to remote regions. According to Facebook statistics, 1.3 billion people have no access to the internet.


The main idea is to use solar-power drones called Aquila, to bring internet to people in an inexpensive way. The company has been hinting at this for a while now, they even published a video that conceptualized the idea. The drone is said to fly 60-90,000 down internet access. It stations for months at a time and beam down internet access. It will have a wingspan greater than a 757 plane. The city of Houston is also to be embracing the use of drones to track over one million stray dogs in the city.


Drones will be used to find and count all the dogs on a first step towards tackling this problem. There is no doubt that the buzz around drones is threating to leave the uncertainly behind. At this rate, drones are a bigger port of our future than we realize.

Drones are becoming very popular these days with their application widening day and night. There are many fields that are using drones. These include farming, real estate marketing, protecting wildlife, journalism, police and scientists.

In journalism for example, a number of networks like BBC, Russia Today among others are buying their drones and training their cameramen how to become remote-control pilots. The drones are simple to use, affordable and they can capture views that cannot be compared with the traditional technology.

When drones are used, some of the things that were impossible some years have become possible like filming avalanches, storms and traffic jams. They have made it easier to cover some hard topics like where there are warzones and disasters.


The police are also using the drones in their efforts to enhance law enforcement. For example the Michigan State Police are using drones as their new eye on the sky for purposes of law enforcement. The drone is operated by a pilot using a tablet which uses GPS. Whenever the pilot touches the tablet with a stylus, the drone hovers over the spot identified on the tablet.


Scientists are also using drones to make their work interesting and easier. Benjamin Heumann, a remote sensing scientist says that in their work of collecting and analysing images collected from space, the drones have changed the type of analysis done.


 “With aerial photography, you’re looking at trees. With this sort of thing, we’re looking at flowers, individual flowers. So it really changes the type of analysis we can do,” Heumann says.


Real estate agents have also been waiting for Federal Aviation Administration to give them guidelines that allows them to use drones. These rules are to allow the real estate professionals use the drones in helping their clients with marketing and selling of properties. Drones or the unmanned aerial vehicles as they are usually referred, have a number of applications depending on the users.


For property managers, they use drones for inspection of property while the real estate agents use the drones to capture pictures and videos which help them in visualizing and marketing client’s residential and commercial properties. In this way the drone technology helps the real estate agents to market their homes and properties in ways that used to be cost-prohibitive in the past.


Drones are also being used by farmers in making smarter decisions about their fields in a faster way. Oregon drone companies, Aerial Technology International and HoneyComb Corp set up booths to sell drones. They offered to interpret the images captured by drones and others specialized in making the most of fertilizer distribution and in ways that enhance the soil.


Oregon is one of the states that that have federally approved drone test ranges located in Tillamook, the Warm Spring Reservation and Pendleton. When the FAA drafts the rules about how to regulate unmanned flights, it will be a big deal not just to the tech companies but to the farmers.


Finally small endangered animals in the world are usually hard to find in their natural habitats. This makes it difficult for scientists in monitoring and developing conservation plans. However, new technologies have helped with Australian researchers equipping flying drones with infrared cameras that can spot koalas hiding in high trees.


Scientists believe drones with infrared cameras will be used in spotting and saving, other animals in the wild.

Drones are being used everywhere this days. The application of drones is going to unexpected sectors.

An example is the State Farm that has been given permission by the Federal Aviation Administration making it the first insurer in the U.S to receive permission to test drones for commercial use. The drone is said to be one more innovative tool that will help State Farm customers recover from the unexpected as quickly and efficiently as possible.

> ALGARROBO, a company in Chile is hoping to use drones in saving lives on the beaches. Lifeguards are used to rescue swimmers with the drones controlling them situated on the beach.  They save a life by dropping a float to swimmers quickly as the lifeguard swims to the rescue. The float is attached to the bottom of the drone with a camera on board to monitor the swimmer’s location. The lifeguard gives instructions to the swimmer from the beach through the microphone and speaker. >


In Sunraysia, the drone technology is being employed to map the health of their trees. Richard Waters of Seven Fields says that he uses the drone technology which weighs 700 grams valued at $40000. The drone takes photos over the orchard as programmed. It sends the information to the laptop on ground that stores and processes. The grower is then left with a map that shows the orchard’s health. It is a technology that can even check whether a sprinkler’s head is working and generally the health of the orchard. With mapping costing from $500 it remains cost effective in getting the information.


Drones are also being used in spying. Chris Wright, a private investigator and owner of Wright Group in Anaheim, California says that drones are very helpful for aerial surveillance of locations that are not accessed easily on foot. It can be used to watch discreetly two people or more who are meeting in a public place. An example is if a school is worried of someone vandalizing or stealing its property, drones can be used to film the property.


Drones are also likely to be very important in the medical field. Medical researchers are suggesting that these unmanned vehicles could be very valuable tools which can deliver blood and other medical supplies cheaply. According to a surgeon in Mayo Clinic, blood is unique because it is expensive and expires with its supply being limited. And for a small hospital a single patient can deplete the entire hospital’s blood. Therefore, there is need to deliver them as quickly as possible.

While some hospitals are using helicopters and ambulances to deliver blood daily, the use of drones would be cheaper and effective. They also don’t have risk to the flight crew.



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