American Football Team Cowboys begin using drones at practice

Drones being one of the most recent technology trends, most organizations are eager to try out this technology to innovate their businesses. American Football Team is the next to make good use of drones. According to the head coach Jason Garrett, film is very important in recording the end zone shots and the sideline shots. Most teams use handheld cameras and Joe Pole for a higher ground angle view but with the drones, you can clearly see all 11 guys on offense and all 11 guys on defense in a game from all angles and get to see the shots. This will also make it easier for the coach to easily coach and train the players.

Crime fighting drones for the City of Cape Town

Drones have been extensively used in different fields to increase efficiency. In Cape Town, drones are now being used as surveillance devices in the fight against crime. Recently, Cape Town tested the surveillance drones in a police drug bust in Cape Flats. These drones provide an aerial support similar to a helicopter at significantly less cost. The surveillance drones give the police or investigation team clear view of the crime scene, making it easier to identify any suspects who fled, hid, or threw weapons or drugs away. This has resulted in an increased demand for surveillance drones.




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